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The new application deadline is Friday May 29, Please see the attached guidelines for additional information. Faculty often view research and teaching as two distinct scholarly endeavors. But there is compelling evidence that incorporating authentic research activities into classroom teaching benefits both students and faculty.

For students, undergraduate research is an experiential learning opportunity that can have positive impacts on their long-term development as critical and creative thinkers and as communicators. For faculty, incorporating research into the classroom enables them to further existing research projects while developing pedagogical research experience. The CUNY Office of Research is offering grants for innovative ideas that incorporate authentic research projects into the undergraduate curriculum.

For the purposes of this competition, authentic research is defined as a plan for seeking answers to a research question for which the outcome is unknown. Successful projects may be implemented into new or existing courses but must incorporate authentic research. The research question should be based on the expertise of the PI, and should involve the development of new avenues of inquiry.

As the COVID crisis has necessitated that all CUNY faculty convert their onsite courses to online formats, we encourage applicants to devise innovative ways to involve undergraduates in authentic research in virtual learning environments. We encourage applications from across all disciplines including the Arts, Humanities, Engineering, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. A workshop will be held for successful applicants in August please see program guidelines for more information.

Proposals should include a description of the research question and the research method s that students will use to answer that question. Applicants should also provide a timeline and include a section on how student learning outcomes will be assessed an Assessment Guidance document is provided. Proposals should also describe how the RIC project will meet accessibility best practices. Awardees will be expected to attend a Research in the Classroom Fellows Workshop in August and implement their new course design in the fall of or the spring of Skip to Content Skip to Navigation.

Research in the Classroom. Only full-time tenure-track or tenured faculty or lecturers at CUNY campuses are eligible to apply. Read the Grant Guidelines to learn more about the application process. The Application Deadline is Friday, May 29, Grant Proposal Template. Assessment Guidance.Pets in the Classroom is an educational grant program that provides financial support to teachers to purchase and maintain small animals in the classroom.

in the classroom

The program was established by the Pet Care Trust to provide children with an opportunity to interact with pets—an experience that can help to shape their lives for years to come. As of August 1 stwe are now accepting grant applications for the School Year.

To apply, you will need to log into your account and select the sustaining grant option. Teacher will purchase supplies then submit receipts to The Pet Care Trust for reimbursement.

We will not cover expenses related to rabbits. You may not apply for the rebate grant more than once. Teachers must select from one of the following pets:. Find your local PetSupermarket here: www. Click here to see some of the sample grant coupons that demonstrate what is included in each kit.

Research in the Classroom

Contents or dollar amounts may vary slightly from what is shown. All grants vary depending on the animal and the store selected. Find your local Petco Store here: www. Live Animals not available at all locations, please contact your local Pet Supplies Plus for details. Our program runs from August until June, so you may only apply for one grant during that time period.

Grant money is used to maintain existing classroom pets. If you no longer have the pet that you originally received from Pets in the Classroom, you may use the Sustaining Grant towards another pet or pet supplies for your classroom. Each edition includes links to help you send feedback or unsubscribe. Your privacy is important to us. Classroom Grant Program.

Step 1. See if you qualify. Choose your pet. Choose your grant. Supporting Organizations. Pet Supermarket Grant.September 7, Some of my students have been assaulted. Others have been homeless, jobless or broke, some suffer from depression, anxiety or grief. Some fight addiction, cancer or for custody.

Many are in pain and they want to write about it. Opening wounds in the classroom is messy and risky. Boundaries and intentions can feel blurred in a class where memories and feelings also present teachable moments.

But if teachers and students work together, opportunities to share difficult personal stories can be constructive.

The health benefits of writing about trauma are well documented. Some counseling theories—such as narrative therapy—incorporate writing into their therapeutic techniques.

Research suggests writing about trauma can be beneficial because it helps people re-evaluate their experiences by looking at them from different perspectives. Studies suggest writing about traumatic events can help ease the emotional pressure of negative experiences.

But writing about trauma is not a cure-all and it may be less effective if people are also struggling with ongoing mental health challenges, such as depression or post- traumatic stress disorder. Internationally acclaimed researcher and clinician Bessel van der Kolk asserts in his book, The Body Keeps the Scorethat trauma is more than a stored memory to be expunged.

Rather, van der Kolk suggests our whole mind, brain and sense of self can change in response to trauma. If properly managed, though, sharing stories about personal suffering can be a relevant and valuable educational experience.

It's a strategy that, in a professional setting, could be referred to as "lit therapy. Jill Parris is a psychologist who works with refugees and uses lit therapy as an extension of trauma counseling. Parris and I also worked together on the project Home Truths: An Anthology of Refugee and Migrant Writingwhich paired refugee authors with a writing mentor to develop personal stories about challenging migrant journeys to Australia.

Parris says writing about trauma is helpful in most cases, as long as teachers and their students monitor stress levels and offer an empathetic space where storytellers are given the time and tools to manage the complex feelings that may surface.

Teachers should therefore be wary of implying traumatic personal stories are inherently worthy subjects, that divulgence alone is more likely to receive a higher grade or publication. It isn't. In fact, sharing a story may be detrimental. It may be unfair to the author's future self, the other people involved in their experience, or to the piece's intention for its readers.

Helping individual students identify their own readiness to share personal experiences is an important first step. Parris recommends asking students how they know they are ready to share their story. What has changed to make them ready? Answering these questions helps people sit outside themselves. As teachers, we also need to be mindful that sharing painful memories presents a risk for those hearing them. Vicarious trauma is a real threat. To help mitigate the risk of emotional contagion, teachers should check in with students at the beginning and end of class to monitor feelings, reminding people they are in the present, that the trauma they recounted or heard was survived.

If people feel stressed, Parris recommends looking around and forcing ourselves to name what we see, hear, feel, taste and smell as a way of returning to the present. Discussing what people will do outside class to care for themselves is also useful. As teachers, it is important to help our students organize their thoughts and feelings in relation to the craft of professional writing, which is writing intended for consumption by an anonymous reader.

Students are likely to write what they're passionate about—the good, the bad and the ugly.Stossel in the Classroom neither seeks nor accepts government funds. Is private space travel the future, or should the government be in charge? John takes a closer look in our spotlighted video. Stossel in the Classroom is committed to helping educators bring better education to our school systems.

We believe that by bringing a balanced approach to subjects like economics, government, and current events, we can help the next generation become better caretakers of society. We have developed teaching guides for many of our videos filled with compelling questions to help continue the conversation in the classroom. Our Online Quizzes are a great way to get even more out of our videos. We offer a selection of DVDs featuring video segments that we believe will be relevant to your classroom.

Our videos will help you learn in an entertaining and engaging way, and our contests and college resources are opportunities just waiting to be seized. Stossel in the Classroom hosts an Essay Contest and a Video Contest every year, giving students opportunities to showcase their knowledge and win great prizes.

in the classroom

To help make the college hunt easier for students, we have compiled a list of excellent resources to help make the decision of higher education less complicated. Download Teacher's GuideDownload Video. If you don't have an account, Magatte Wade has some answers. If you don't have an account, register now for free!

Enjoy this But is it? Should it be? Has the case been closed, or could we use some healthy debate? Once I learned some economics, I started doing TV stories that illustrated basic economic principles.

So I was thrilled when the Center for Independent Thought volunteered to do just that!

in the classroom

Now teachers tell me that the free videos bring lesson plans to life, and also fulfill curriculum requirements. We invite you to provide your feedback to help us improve future materials. I look forward to hearing what you and your students think.

Contact Us 0 Items. Register Now! Tools That Help You Teach Better Stossel in the Classroom is committed to helping educators bring better education to our school systems.

Teacher's Guides We have developed teaching guides for many of our videos filled with compelling questions to help continue the conversation in the classroom.

Online Quizzes Our Online Quizzes are a great way to get even more out of our videos. Student Contests Stossel in the Classroom hosts an Essay Contest and a Video Contest every year, giving students opportunities to showcase their knowledge and win great prizes.When The Civil War first appeared on PBS in the fall ofno one—myself included—was at all prepared for the overwhelming national response that followed.

The film was then, as it is now, a timely reminder of the frightful cost our ancestors had paid to make this nation a truly United States. It is a chronicle of making permanent that which was promised, but not delivered, in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. In making this documentary, we wanted to tell the story of the bloodiest war in American history through the voices of the men and women who actually lived through it.

Each of them has a story to tell, and their lives are woven into the larger fabric of the war. As you view portions of the series in your classroom, your students will meet men and women, many no older than they, for whom the war was a very personal experience. They will meet individuals like Elisha Hunt Rhodes and Sam Watkins, who were just ordinary young men thrust into extraordinary circumstances that changed their lives forever.

They will also meet the heroes of the Civil War, those who are said to have "made history" and who continue to capture students' attention today. The series can't replace the teacher or the classroom, but in conjunction with what you as the teacher do, it can make the era come alive in a way never before possible.

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In many ways, the series asks as many questions as it answers and should serve as a starting point for active learning and classroom discussion. At the end of the series, I hope your students will have learned not only about the war but also something about what it was like to be alive in another time, a time when the future of the country was in doubt and its fields and roads and churchyards were battlefields.

Most of all, I hope they will have learned to recognize in the America of our own time the echoes and effects of those events that cost so many lives years ago. Subscribe to the Ken Burns America Newsletter. In the Classroom facebook twitter email share. Browse Biographies Learn about key Civil War figures. The Numbers 40 Million viewers who tuned in for the documentary's premiere in September Explore Maps Follow the battles and troop movements.Based in San Francisco, she has covered business, food and sustainability as a reporter and editor for a number of publications.

Her work has appeared at the San Jose Mercury, San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press, GreenBiz, Grist and KQED, among others. He often reports on issues surrounding data management as well as the confluence of media, creativity and technology.

Prior to AdExchanger, he was senior editor at Direct Marketing News. He also spent three years as an analyst at Datamonitor, where he focused on customer interaction technologies (i. His articles about the traditional publishing industry occasionally show up in Publishers Weekly. He is a writer, but he is not from Brooklyn. Kelly Liyakasa covers commerce, video, TV and marketing tech for AdExchanger.

Previously, she was an associate editor for Information Today, where she reported on enterprise technology and strategy for its flagship publication, CRM magazine.

Kelly holds a B. Zach Rodgers is the executive editor for AdExchanger, a digital advertising news and discussion site enabling the exchange of ideas among all members of the ecosystem, including agencies, advertisers, publishers and technology companies.

He has covered digital media and advertising for 13 years, most recently as managing editor for ClickZ, where, under his guidance, the site won two national business media awards for editorial excellence by the American Society of Business Publication Editors. His work has been syndicated to Mashable and Kauffman Foundation and cited by major trade and consumer associations, such as the US Federation of Public Interest Research Groups and the Center for Digital Democracy.

He previously held editorial and reporting positions at ChannelSeven. Allison Schiff is a senior editor for AdExchanger. Previously, she was senior digital strategist at Direct Marketing News, where she blogged regularly and handled Web and social strategy.

Allison received her M. Sarah is a senior editor for AdExchanger.

Announcing our new essay and video contests!

She has held editorial positions at Film Journal International and most recently CRM Magazine, where she focused on enterprise applications and strategy.

Her first job was planning digital advertising in a pre-programmatic landscape. At Wesleyan University, she majored in Anthropology and Film Studies. As a staff reporter at AdExchanger, Alison covers advertising agencies and the digital audio landscape. Previously a copywriter at MarketSmiths, she has written digital marketing copy and produced campaigns across multiple verticals. Prior to that Alison worked in editorial at award-winning travel journalism site Fathom.

She has a B. Scott Galloway, Founder, L2 The Marketer In The Year Ahead Louis Paskalis, SVP, Customer Engagement and Investment, Bank of America, takes the stage to discuss the year ahead and what's most important when it comes to the nexus of marketing and technology.

The Civil War

Louis Paskalis, SVP, Customer Engagement and Investment, Bank of America Interviewed by: Kevin Mannion, Chief Strategy Officer, Advertiser Perceptions Special Presentation from Nielsen Marketing Cloud Explore the year ahead with the company that follows what people watch, listen to and buy. Damian Garbaccio, EVP, Nielsen Marketing Cloud Presented by Nielsen Marketing Cloud 2018: All The Facts, Figures And Trends You Need To Know In this information-packed, highly-caffeinated session, eMarketer Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Geoff Ramsey will paint a vivid picture of where marketing is headed in 2018, covering the latest trends in ad:tech, data management, programmatic media buying, marketing attribution and native advertising.

Geoff Ramsey, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, eMarketer Networking Break To The Trade Within advertising and marketing, industry trade associations have long represented specific groups of expertise and helped craft a more innovative and efficient future for their memberships. Michael Katz, Cofounder and CEO, mParticle Presented by mParticle Amazon In 2018 Amazon's advertiser mindshare (and wallet-share) have surged dramatically, aided by its engineering prowess, customer connections and media platform.

Seth Dallaire, VP, Global Advertising Sales and Marketing, Amazon Media Group Interviewed by: Kelly Liyakasa, Senior Editor, AdExchanger Lightning In The Blockchain The "buzz" around blockchain and cryptocurrencies is reaching new heights - to say the least - and 2018 appears to be another stepping stone in its use across currencies and elsewhere.

Mark Zagorski, CEO, Telaria Presented by Telaria Over-The-Top 2018 Networks have embraced OTT in earnest. Jonah Goodhart, SVP, Oracle Data Cloud Eric Roza, General Manager and SVP, Oracle Data Cloud Interviewed by: Ryan Joe, Managing Editor, AdExchanger The Markets Of Digital Investment drives innovation as industry participants know well.

Dan Salmon, Equity Research Analyst, BMO Capital Markets Featured Fireside Chat Presentation This featured fireside chat will be announced shortly and include a discussion with a key industry leader in the year ahead. Bill McDermott, CEO, SAP Welcome Party Food and drink will be served throughout both days. Wednesday, January 17 Thursday, January 18 DAY 2 THURSDAY, JANUARY 18 8:00 AM Registration Sponsored by Throtle Welcome John Ebbert, Publisher, AdExchanger Innovation Ahead For Google Google VP Brad Bender will discuss the company's evolving advertiser business.

Jon Suarez-Davis, Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Presented by Salesforce The Big Blue Looking Glass IBM continues to augment and develop its technology strategy in service to marketers.

Bob Lord, Chief Digital Officer, IBM Interviewed by: Zach Rodgers, Executive Editor, AdExchanger Networking Break Restoring Trust In The Ad Tech Marketplace The last few years have given the "principals" in the programmatic transaction - marketers and publishers - plenty of reasons to question its value. Barrett, CEO, Rubicon Project Brian O'Kelley, CEO and Co-Founder, AppNexus Brett Wilson, VP and General Manager, Advertising, Adobe Moderated by: Sarah Sluis, Senior Editor, AdExchanger How To Prevent GDPR From Throwing Your Digital Strategy Into A Tailspin The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an effort by the European Commission to shift the balance of power in favor of consumers so that they can determine and command when a company can or cannot use their personal data to drive business decisions.

Melissa Parrish, VP, Research Director, Forrester Special Presentation from Sharethrough A special presentation from the native advertising software company, Sharethrough.If in doubt, read the User Manual (August 1, 2017 Edition). Drag the markers on the map to the desired locations.

Double-click the markers to swap TX and RX. The red line between the markers shows the great-cirle path (short-path).

Skype in the Classroom brings together classes in New Zealand and California

You can also choose long-path. Write to our Helpdesk. More on VOACAP HF propagation predictions Acknowledgements This service would not have been possible without the support of two special people: Mr George Lane and Mr Greg Hand.

in the classroom

Stoke City: match preview, projected lineups, predictions, and how to watch New, 8 comments Its a lovefest when Heung Min Son and Kevin Wimmner reunite.

Its probably the worst spell for the club since the 2014-15 season and Poch has been surprisingly positive throughout. In other words, its been a disappointing few weeks, but its disappointment in the midst of a glorious renaissance and a bright future. Spurs sit in a sixth place tie with Burnley at twenty-five points, though Tottenham are ahead on goal differential.

We are three points behind Arsenal in fifth place, trail fourth-placed Liverpool by four points, and third-placed Chelsea by seven points.

Manchester City has already created an eight point lead over rival and second-placed Manchester United and are a whooping eighteen points clear of Spurs in early December.

Wow, they are good at football. Our opponents on Saturday, Stoke City, are in sole possession of thirteenth place with sixteen points on the year thus far. Stoke are led by Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting and Mame Biram Diouf up front. With marquee signing Jese struggling to settle into the Premier and Saido Berahino, also known as Little Bear for the ITK, riding the bench, its an unlikely pairing that are providing the goals for Stoke. In midfield there are a lot of recognizable names.

Joe Allen continues to be a positive contributor for Stoke, having a continued resurgence after his debacle in Liverpool. Daren Fletcher, who at the ripe age of thirty-three, has started every game thus far for Stoke, which is just impressive.

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